Video Game Outsourcing in Vietnam

How a Vietnamese firm made its way to the global video game outsourcing market

In a Bloomberg Businessweek Technology article called “Vietnam’s Growing Role in Outsourcing” (December 11, 2006),[1] Frederik Balfour described a surprising result of a market research trip in Asia by a Microsoft fact-finding team looking to offshore their video game production. Winning over many other big companies in China, India and South Korea, a Vietnam-based video game outsourcing firm named Glass Egg Digital Media proudly established its relationship with Microsoft Games Studio.

After the successful completion of the very first video game outsourcing work on cars for Forza Motorsports I in 2002, later sequels of Forza Motorsports series (II, III & IV) have also seen the contribution of Glass Egg at a larger scale including cars, parts, kits, wheels, DLCs, tracks…

“Today we work on a massive scale [with Glass Egg],” says Nick Dimitrov, senior business manager at Microsoft Game Studios. “We have pretty much put them through the grinder on QA [quality assurance] compliance, and we couldn’t be happier.”[2]

Subsequently, the company was officially recognized as a “Microsoft Games Studio preferred development partner” in 2003.

Why Vietnam?

On the world’s video game outsourcing map, Vietnam is not yet a well-known destination but the country boasts a huge potential to be a serious contender ofvideo game outsourcing in Asia. What makes Vietnam attractive are:

  • There is a low staff turnover and virtually no poaching in the industry.
  • Vietnam has a very high literacy at 94% (2010) and technology fields attract some of the best talents each year.
  • The Vietnamese government is stable and offers incentives for IT development.
  • Vietnam has one of the youngest populations in the world which guarantees a huge pool of young, dynamic and highly motivated engineers and artists.
  • Vietnam is the 13th most populous country (>90 million people, 2010)in the world and hungry for technology.
  • The young generation is affected by the Western culture.

Why Glass Egg?

Established in 1999, Glass Egg has now been in the video game outsourcing industry with 13 years’ seniority supporting some of the video game development sector’s key players such as Microsoft Games Studios, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Codemasters, Sega, etc. After years, we have built up and maintained strong relationships with these big names in the video game outsourcing industry with our high-quality services, sense of responsibility, constant and efficient communication.

Led by a team of 4 expatriates with more than 50 years of collective experience in the game and multimedia industry, Glass Egg understands the local whilst speaking at the global level at the same time. The company’s Western-style culture has served as a springboard for our local talented and hard-working staff; as they are often offered incentives and high-level training.

We don’t just simply define “quality” by any subjective criteria. It is the contentment from our video game outsourcing clients that says it all. For instance, Brian Woodhouse, Bizarre Creations’s executive producer says: “They have done some fantastic stuff for us”.[3]

At Glass Egg, we provide outstanding video game outsourcing service guaranteed to worth every penny of your investment.


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