Restaurants in Vietnam

Every time you go travel. Which is your most worried thing? In my opinion, it is which you can eat and where you can have good meals in your trip. Because food expresses a country’s culture, you must try specific food wherever you go.

In Vietnam, there are three areas (North, Central and South) with their great food. North Vietnam has pho, banh tom La Vong, bun cha, … Central has banh beo, com hen, banh nam, … North has com tam, seven style beef, bun mam, … Every dish will give you different feeling that you can’t forget. Do you want to try all of them? If you want, you need to plan to stay in Vietnam in a long time.

Where can you taste them? Maybe on the streets, in your Vietnamese friend’s home or in some popular restaurants in Vietnam, it depends on your budget. My advice is that you should go to those Vietnamese restaurants because of good hygiene, beautiful environment and great taste. When you go in Vietnamese restaurants, you can see a lot of pictures with scene in suburbs, beautiful girls in “Ao dai” and some special recipes of the restaurant.

Let’s go and experience Vietnamese food with restaurants in Vietnam to have real Vietnamese taste.