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06/04/2014: Scroll down for update on prices of train tickets and travelling with motorbikes

When we go to Mui Ne on vacation, we now usually go by train. It is a comfortable and inexpensive way of making it to the beach if you live in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). It also is a lot safer than driving there (bus or private car), I’ve seen to many close calls on the road from Saigon to Mui Ne…

Departure is from the Saigon Railway Station, actually very close to downtown but nested behind Vo thi Sau street (District 3). You can buy your tickets from a travel agency or get them delivered by the train station (but now it seems you need to make the call from a land line in order for them to make the delivery).


Address: 1 Nguyen Thong Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:  (+84-83) 843-6528
Ticket Hours: 7:30 – 19:30

Here is a google maps widget to find your way, mind that the railway station doesn’t appear on the map, you need to look for the railway lines that begin at the address of the railway station.

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You can also get information on these websites (Vietnamese):

There are other websites with English information but I think they are not the official ones so you will probably end up paying a premium.

A great way to travel to Mui Ne is to take your bike with you (there is a special wagon you can load your bike on, you need to buy a ticket for the bike, around 130.000 VND one way). You’ll also have to pay 10.000 VND to the guys loading the bike on the train.

Saigon Mui Ne train railwa

Saigon Mui Ne train railwa

For an adult, in first class, 146.000 VND, for a child, 74.000 VND. Comfortable and with reliable air con, it’s a great way to travel to the beach from Saigon (HCMC).

Train Saigon to Mui Ne 1

Train Saigon to Mui Ne 1

Traveling by train to Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) has become a hit amongst many foreigners and you will see many on this train.

Train Saigon to Mui Ne 2

Train Saigon to Mui Ne 2

You get a great view of the countryside and of course, you will see a lot of dragon fruits.

Train Saigon to Mui Ne 3

Train Saigon to Mui Ne 3

Another view from the train. By the way, you also have a restaurant wagon where you can get some café sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk) or Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup).

Railway station Mui Ne Vietnam 2

Railway station Mui Ne Vietnam 2

After 4,5 hours (practically the same as if you went by car), you are in Phan Thiet railway station, Ga Phan Thiet.

Railway station Mui Ne Vietnam

Railway station Mui Ne Vietnam

Just walk out through that door and you can choose either a taxi (15-20 minute ride) or a bus to get to Mui Ne and hit the beach!

6/4/2014 Update

The tickets we bought at a travel agency in Thao Dien for our last trip (April 2014) were a lot more expensive than the ones we got last time and which we bought at the train station. After asking some locals in Mui Ne, they told us that the latest ones we bought (220.000 VND in 2014 instead of 146.000 VND in 2013) were from a private railway company and that previously, in 2013, we had bought them from the government company…. Not quite sure if it is true but they did recommend to walk inside the train station to counters further in rather than buying at the first counter you would “encounter”, just near the entrance 🙂 These two companies are supposed to have different wagons but they did seem to be the same to me. After visiting the train, it was clear that there other classes that must be cheaper and still more than sufficient to travel in terms of comfort. Any comments on this price disparity in the comments section is welcome!

train ticket saigon to mui ne 2014

Train ticket saigon to mui ne 2014

Another tip, we always use take our motorbike with us, the fee this time was around 140.000 one-way (more or less the same as last year). You have to give 10.000 VND to the guys who park it in the train, at each departure (going and coming back), not at destination. Some times they check if the gas tank is not full and they might siphon some liters from you, seems like daylight robbery but presumably for a good cause.

Enjoy your travels!


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7 thoughts on “Train ride from Saigon (HCMC) to Mui Ne Vietnam

  • JesKa


    This post is really helpful! We were looking for ways to get to Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh but didn’t have enough info gathered regarding the train yet. So thanks!

    I just would like to know if you can just purchase tickets at the train station right before departure? If that’s possible at all?
    Coz we were thinking of heading straight to Mui Ne in the morning after flying in from Hanoi, and our plane arrives at around midnight.

    Thanks much!


    • Admin Post author

      Hello Jessa, thank you for stopping by! Luck you, on the way to Mui Ne 🙂

      I just checked and it seems the train station is open 24/24 so you would be able to purchase your ticket before getting on the train (departure is 7 or 7h30 am, please check this).

      I definitely would recommend going to a Travel agency in Hanoi and asking them to book the tickets for you, just in case the train is full (it shouldn’t happen around this time of year but you never know, especially if you want the first class). By the way, I noticed there is also a second class, seats look only slightly less comfortable but not really a problem and you have aircon as well.
      They probably cannot give you the tickets while you are in Hanoi but they will be booked and probably there is a counter where you can collect them at the train station. Just keep in mind the normal cost of 145.000 per person and see if they charge you too much just for doing this. In Saigon, you can pay an extra dollar (20.000 VND) and the travel agency will book and even let you pick up the tickets at their office instead of the train station which can be a huge advantage depending on where you are staying in HCMC.

      I went once to the train station to purchase the tickets, besides long queues, the language barrier (and I do speak a bit of Vietnamese as I live here) was a huge problem because most operators at the counters do not speak English at all.

      Have a great time in Mui Ne and in Vietnam!

  • Colette

    Will go by train next time. Took me 6 hrs on the bus out yesterday, and the bus was late. Supposed to leave 9am, bus only picked us at 10.15am. Arrived, 4.30 pm there. Today was worse, pick up 11am from mui ne, arrived 6pm in hcmc.

    • Bell

      Hello Colette, I am very sorry about your transit issue and I really hope it would not affect your beautiful vacation in Mui Ne.

      I just want to confirm that the current ticket price has increased to 176,000 VND for the same coach like in the post. However, the service quality is also improved now. Currently, 2 LCD Tivi were installed in each coach with a specific rail channel and the TV programs are very attractive. During the trip from Mui Ne to Saigon, I was very tired due to car sick. However, I immediately forgot about my bad mood because the film which was showed on the TV was very very good and I just focused on watching TV. However, the TV programs currently are just about Vietnamese. I hope in the future it will be improved by adding English translation. Hope this information will be useful for your future vacation. 🙂

  • Mia Lee

    hi there, i really need your help.
    im going to Mui Ne on Tuesday, might arrive at the Ga Sai Gon at 11am.
    is it possible for me to get the ticket to Phan Thiet instead of Binh Thuan?

    • Clement Duboc

      Hey There Mia, could you clarify exactly what you are trying to do? If you simply want to change your train ticket, I am sure you will be able to do so at the train station of Saigon!