“…hum” vegetarian restaurant – A perfect tranquil paradise in a vibrant city of Vietnam

As day comes

One sees

Air through air

A drop of water


Lightly through light

Time takes a gentle breath

This is a peaceful poem of a famous restaurant in Saigon which is “…hum” restaurant. “…hum” is one of the most famous vegetarian restaurant in HCMC which attracts a lot of foreign visitors as well as local people. This beautiful restaurant is a perfect combination between traditional meditative beauty and modern innovation. This article will share with you a brand new experience about vegetarian foods in Ho Chi Minh City.

A magical name of the vegetarian restaurant

hum restaurant, vegetarian restaurant in Saigon

…hum restaurant front gate

“…hum” is the last sound in the mantra “Om mani padme hum” which is extremely magical the Buddhism. This mantra means “a jewel in the lotus” which implies “”Bodhicitta (enlightenment-mind) blooms in our hearts”. Using a magical mantra to name the restaurant might make you feel quite intrigued, however, the decoration and taste of foods here will definitely make you feel awesome. 

Restaurant decoration

The restaurant is arranged into different spaces which are suitable for different types of customers such as groups of friends, couples or families. “…hum” restaurant’s decoration is very elegant, luxurious and comfortable with beautiful arrangements of lotus, trees and Buddhist statues.

vegetarian restaurant in HCMC: Buddha statue and lotus interior decoration

Elegant decoration

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon: Lotus leaf and coconut performance decoration

Folk decoration

Songs in the restaurant are mainly meditative music and is played in very small volume. A mix between charming Asian decoration and gentle rhythm brings a totally relaxing atmosphere in the restaurant.

hum restaurant, vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, Asian decoration with curtains

Elegant Asian decoration with curtains

hum restaurant, vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, Asian decoration with Buddha picture and curtains

Peaceful interior design

Vegetarian foods

The foods are totally made from vegetables including coconut, mushrooms and tofu. Interestingly, you will find that each dish in the menu is a medication due to physical benefits such as enhancing cardiovascular protection, cancer prevention and cholesterol reduction is written next to each menu. Furthermore, the performance of foods is very beautiful and attractive. Now, have a look at some dishes that I and my family enjoyed last weekend.

hum restaurant, vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, vegetarian deep fried spring roll

Square deep fried spring roll

This is square deep fried spring roll. The spring roll is made from chopped carrot, mushroom and white radish. The most delicious part of this food is its coverage. The food coverage is made from rice paper and it is very crispy. This square spring roll is eaten with special sauce (similar to fish sauce) and rice noodles; it will be more delicious if you can enjoy with chopped fresh chili. The price of this food is 75,000 VND. 

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, fresh spring roll, vegetarian appetizers

Vegetarian appetizers

Vegetarian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city and lotus tuber

Lotus tuber and cheese powder

One of the most impressive appetizers is lotus tuber shake with cheese powder. Another version of this food is potatoes with cheese powder which I usually eats in Lotteria fast food store. However, the lotus tuber in “…hum” restaurant is extremely delicious. The lotus tuber is fried deeply and they are very crispy. The price of this snack is only 55,000 VND and I strongly recommend you to try this food when you visit this restaurant.

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, fresh spring roll

Fresh spring roll

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, fresh spring roll, diep roll

Diep roll

Other traditional foods you should try in this restaurant are fresh spring rolls. The spring roll dishes were performed charmingly and there were 2 different types of fresh spring rolls. If you prefer traditional version, you can enjoy fresh spring roll with the rice paper coverage. In contrast, if you are looking for innovative version, “diep roll” will be your choice. “Diep roll” is different from the traditional one just in term of coverage. While traditional spring roll coverage is rice paper, “diep roll” coverage is a type of vegetable called “diep”. “Diep” vegetable has a strong unique fresh tasteBoth fresh spring rolls cost 60,000 VND for each dish. 

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, vermicelli salad, vermicelli foods

Vermicelli salad

Vermicelli salad is another delicious dish in the restaurant which only cost 70,000 VND . Honestly, I don’t actually know all ingredients in this dish. But overall, it was very good.

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, fried rice

Mushroom fried rice and lotus soup

Rice can be considered as an indispensable dish in all Vietnamese meals. Therefore, we ordered a dish of mushroom fried rice. The taste of this food is very delicious and you can enjoy with soy bean sauce. Eating concurrently with the fried rice is lotus soup. The soup’s taste is extremely delicious with a gentle sweet from lotus. The price of fried rice is 80,000 VND and lotus soup is 70,000 VND. 

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, vegetarian hotpot

Hum’s hotpot

The final main dish is “…hum” hotpot and it costs 150,000 VND for 3 people eat. This hotpot is a signature dish of the restaurant. The broth which cooked from several type of vegetable has very gentle taste. This hotpot is enjoyed with different type of mushrooms and vegetable.

Beverage and desserts

In order to keep the consistency in gentle taste, most of beverages in the restaurant are made from natural ingredients including soy bean, ginger, fresh tea and fruits.

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, healthy drink, brown rice tea, brown rice

Brown rice tea

My beverage was brown rice tea which helps to maintain your youth and beauty and it only costs 40,000 for this drink. 

famous vegetarian restaurant in HCMC, vegetarian foods in Ho Chi Minh City, pomelo juice

Pomelo juice and honey

My boyfriend’s drink was pomelo juice and honey which is good for diet people and you only need to pay 45,000 VND for this beverage. 

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, ice blended chocolate

Ice blended chocolate

If you would like to recover your energy after a long day working, iced blended chocolate will be the best choice. This is one of the most favorite drinks of my brother. The price of this drink is 65,000 VND. 

The desserts in “…hum” restaurant are quite diverse. We ordered 3 types of desserts and all of them were very good. 

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, toddy palm, aloe vera, nypa palm

Traditional desserts

famous vegetarian restaurant in HCMC, vegetarian foods in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese desserts, toddy palm, aloe vera, nypa palm

Toddy palm and coconut milk

The first dessert was toddy palm and coconut milk and its price is 50,000 VND. Toddy palm is a popular tree which only grows in Mekong delta area. The fresh taste will definitely satisfy you. 

vegetarian foods in Ho Chi Minh City, toddy palm, aloe vera, nypa palm

Toddy palm and almond macha jelly

Toddy palm and almond macha (green tea) jelly is a very popular dessert for almost all Saigonners recently and its price is 45,000 VND. The light sweet taste is very special.

vegetarian restaurant in Saigon, toddy palm, aloe vera, nypa palm, Vietnamese desserts

Aloe vera and nipa palm dessert

Aloe vera can be said as a panacea in tropical countries and it can be cooked in several kind of desserts. In that weekend night, we decided to eat aloe vera and nipa palm which the price is 40,000 VND. In order to balance the natural attributes, some sliced ginger are used with this desserts. 

How to go there?

“…hum” restaurant is located at 32 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. The opening hours are from 7am to 10pm. This restaurant is very close to the War Remnants Museum and it only takes you 1 minutes to walk from (around 20 meters). If you wish to visit this restaurant from Ben Thanh Market, you can either go by bus or by taxi. For bus transit, you can take bus number 4, 93 or 149 and it will take you around 30 minutes to go there. The price of bus transit might be around 5,000 VND. For taxi, it will take no more than 10 minutes to go there for 1.6 kilometers and the price should be around 40,000 VND. Interestingly, if you wish to discover the beauty and uniqueness of Saigon, you can walk from Ben Thanh market to this restaurant because the distance is not too far. It will take you 20 minutes to walk from Ben Thanh market to “…hum” restaurant. 

Ben thanh market, Hum restaurant

Map from Ben Thanh market to Hum restaurant by taxi

Ben Thanh Market, Hum restaurant

Map from Ben Thanh market to Hum restaurant by walking

And now, why you still sitting there? Pick up your backpack and discover one of the most impressive vegetarian restaurants in HCMC now. I wish you have a safe trip. Bye 🙂 

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