Fairy stream – An unbelievable landscape in Mui Ne, Vietnam 3

A majority of you might know that Mui Ne is very famous for beautiful beaches and sand dunes. However, in recent years, many visitors come to Mui Ne not only to enjoy sea view but also to discover a very wild stream called Fairy Stream.

Fairy stream is not a rock spring instead it is a soil stream with the color of raddle. This stream’s length is about 2 kilometers and you need to walk to discover this beautiful landscape. Don’t worry, the water in this stream is not deep. In some areas, the deepest water is just at your knees. In order to enjoy cool water and soft sand in spring bed, you should walk without shoes.

Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream

At the beginning, you might feel a little scary because of wild sceneries in two sides of the stream. In my imagination during walking through these areas, some wild animals such as snakes might come from the bush and scary me. However, this is just my imagination; there is no animal from these sides instead you will definitively have a very interesting experience when walking through this area.

Fairy Spring, Mui Ne

Wild bushes on the way to Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream

Landscape on the way to Fairy Spring

At first, you might be disappointed because of a narrow way; however, please be patient, you will be surprised and amazed due to a wide and beautiful landscape at the upstream.

Fairy Stream, Mui Ne

Enormous landscape on the way to upstream.

Interestingly, you can climb on many small hills to enjoy a full view of this beautiful stream. Unfortunately, I am not good at climbing and quite timid; therefore, there is no photos which are taken from the peak of these hills.

Fairy Spring, Mui Ne Vietnam

Beautiful landscape of Fairy Stream

Fairy stream is located on Huynh Thuc Khang Street and it will take you about 15 minutes (by taxi) to go there from the central of Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street. If you wish to visit the spring by motorbike, you can park your bike at native people’s houses in nearby areas with the price at 5,000 VND (update at 4/2014). The way to go down to the stream is at the end of Rang Bridge (if you come from Nguyen Dinh Chieu) and at the beginning of this bridge (if you come from Huynh Thuc Khang). One more hint for you from my traveling experience, if your hotel or accommodation far from Fairy Spring, you should visit it by taxi for safe. During my vacation in Mui Ne, I found out that taxi drivers drive very fast and it is quite dangerous if you drive motorbike on the stress concurrently with them. Walking from your hotel to this landscape is also a good idea. However, please be careful with the car drivers when you are walking.

Way to go to Fairy Spring

Map to go to Fairy Stream

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3 thoughts on “Fairy stream – An unbelievable landscape in Mui Ne, Vietnam

  • Peter Goudge

    I’ve been to Mui ne many times, but this is the first time I’ve heard about the Fairy Stream.

    The photos are brilliant. I’ll certainly pay a visit when I’m next up that way.

    Peter Goudge

    • Admin

      Hello Peter, thanks for your comment. Fairy stream is definitely worth visiting, hope you like it when you go to Mui Ne next time.

  • Peter Goudge

    Hi Bell

    Re my earlier post about the Fairy Stream.

    I managed to pay a visit last weekend while on a trip to Mui ne. You’re right – it’s worth seeing.


    Peter Goudge