Tourism in Vietnam

Tourism in Vietnam

Have yourself a warm and merry little Christmas in Păng Tiêng, Lâm Đồng province

It is said Christmas is the best time of the year. It definitely is when you get together with family and friends to give gifts to one another and have a warm Christmas dinner spreading festive cheers. Unluckily, our festive cheers and just cannot do that much for people who live in […]

On the way to a small village - Păng Tiêng, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam

A day in Vietnam

Travel around Vietnam in 7 minutes – This inspired video will definitely make your day 1

This is a very beautiful video about daily activities of  Vietnamese people. The video started with a beautiful morning in Hanoi (Vietnam’s capital) and ended with a dynamic night in Saigon (so called Ho Chi Minh City). This awesome video had touched my heart when I saw public exercise session […]

Fairy stream – An unbelievable landscape in Mui Ne, Vietnam 3

A majority of you might know that Mui Ne is very famous for beautiful beaches and sand dunes. However, in recent years, many visitors come to Mui Ne not only to enjoy sea view but also to discover a very wild stream called Fairy Stream. Fairy stream is not a […]

Fairy Stream, Mui Ne

rice field in Vietnam

A wonderful rice harvest season in Vietnam – This video will definitely brighten up your day

You might not know that June is a harvest season of grain in Vietnam. At this time, all rice fields seem to be painted by a bright yellow color. I am sure that a majority of you will plan to visit Vietnam after watching this video. The video is recorded […]

Trang An – A wonderful paradise in Vietnam

Vietnam is a famous destination due to a perfect combination between natural lakes and imposing mountains. However, have you ever had a chance to see it from the sky? If not, by watching this video, you will definitely gape at these majestic landscapes which were recorded by drone camera. In […]

trang an

Buddhist statues

“…hum” vegetarian restaurant – A perfect tranquil paradise in a vibrant city of Vietnam

As day comes One sees Air through air A drop of water Falls Lightly through light Time takes a gentle breath This is a peaceful poem of a famous restaurant in Saigon which is “…hum” restaurant. “…hum” is one of the most famous vegetarian restaurant in HCMC which attracts a […]

Amazing video about the beauty of Vietnam – These wonderful landscapes will blow you away!!!

This short video is made by Frenchman Menassier Gabriel with music by Christophe Menassier. The 3 minutes film will show you several wonderful natural spectacles about Vietnam. The combination between good music and wonderful scenes will help you relax after long-day working. I hope you enjoy it. Somewhere in Vietnam // from Menassier […]

A natural footage in this video

Beautiful interior design

The Carp bookstore (District 3) – Pick up your backpack and discover the most unique library in Vietnam

With the muggy and sunny of Saigon’s summer, which place should you visit to avoid the hot weather? Today, I will introduce to you the most beautiful and innovative bookstore in Ho Chi Minh City which is The Carp bookstore. Why the name Carp? The name of this bookstore delivers […]

Hoi Khanh Pagoda – A Historic and Cultural Vestige in Binh Duong City – Nguyen Sinh Sac (Ho Chi Minh’s father) had been cultivated in this pagoda

On the occasion of Buddha’s birthday (15/4 – lunar year) which is the biggest festival of Buddhist in the year, I and my family had visited Hoi Khanh Pagoda yesterday. Interestingly, this pagoda has a lot of awesome records. Inside the main hall Firstly, Hoi Khanh Pagoda is one of […]

Ancient Pagoda

On the way home 5

Last weekend, I went back to Tay Ninh- a province in the Southeast part of Vietnam. I and my beloved had a wonderful “journey” by motorcycle from Ho Chi Minh city to my second lovely hometown. To get to Tay Ninh, you can ride motor or catch a bus. Usually, […]

train ticket saigon to mui ne 2014

Train ride from Saigon (HCMC) to Mui Ne Vietnam 7

06/04/2014: Scroll down for update on prices of train tickets and travelling with motorbikes When we go to Mui Ne on vacation, we now usually go by train. It is a comfortable and inexpensive way of making it to the beach if you live in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). […]

Have ever had chance to visit Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Quang Ninh province in Northern of Vietnam. It includes 1,600 islands and islets, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. If you have chance to visit Halong Bay, you will never forget it’s outstanding beauty. The best method to […]