The Best Of Vietnamese Street Food

Vietnamese food is well-known for its diversity, palatability and healthiness. It’s also low in fat and high in carbohydrates which is very good for your health. The balance between fresh herbs and vegetables as well as carefully selected spices make it one of the best cuisines in the world. Fortunately, in Vietnam you can taste these delicious dishes in restaurants as well as on the street.

Let’s take a look at the best Vietnamese street food!



the best of vietnamese streetfoods

Pho – Vietnamese favorite streetfood

Most certainly the most favorite breakfast dish for Vietnamese. The first time you try Pho will be the a very exciting and absolutely amazing experience. Pho refers to the rice noodles, not the soup itself. Usually, Pho is served with various meat parts (beef, chicken,..) and some vegetables such as bean sprouts, lime wedges, basil, mint, cilantro, onions,  and chili peppers. All combined these fresh ingredients create the finest street food you will ever taste.


Banh Can

The best of vietnamese streetfoods

Banh Can – Vietnamese streetfood

This one is my favorite ones. Its main ingredients include flour (which is made from rice) and eggs. Looks simple but the cooking process will transform it into a delicious dish that can make even the pickiest gourmet feel happy.


Pho Cuon ( Stuffed Steamed Rice Paper Rolls )

The best of vietnamese streetfoods

Pho Cuon – Vietnamese streetfood

Pho cuon packages the flavors of pho and goi cuon into one neat little parcel. This is Hanoi food which is made from uncut pho noodles to encase fried beef, herbs and lettuce or cucumber.


Banh Xeo ( Vietnamese pancake )

the best of vietnamese streetfoods

Banh Xeo – Vietnamese streetfood

Banh xeo is a crunchy semi-circular shell containing various type of meat part ( usually pork and prawns ) and herbs ( usually mint ). It’s tactile eating at its best, rip and roll then dip into amber chili fish sauce. Best when just freshly made.


Xoi ( Sticky Rice )

The best of vietnamese streetfoods

Xoi – Vietnamese streetfood

Even in the rural side of Vietnam, one can find a street-stall selling Xoi in the morning or recognize people carrying a basket of Xoi, covered by banana leaves. Xoi can be sweet or savory, it’s well-known for its variety and huge amount of ingredients. Savory sticky rice comes with any number of mixing meats ( chicken, pork, fried or preserved eggs,…). Sweet Xoi is made with sugar, corn, mung beans or peanuts. My favorite is sweet Xoi.


Banh Cuon ( Rice Flour Steamed Rolls )

the best of vietnamese streetfood

Banh Cuon – Vietnamese streetfood

These rolled up rice flour pancakes are best when served piping hot, still soft and delicate. Although seemingly slender and empty they have a savory filling of minced pork and mushrooms.

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