A Thai student and her search for a house for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

Some time ago, I was a Thai student who was appointed to work in HCMC, Vietnam. I was very eager to work there but I was also concerned about many things such as how to get acquainted with a new culture, people, environment, food, especially renting a good house.

I began by surfing on the web to find a house for rent in HCMC (also called HCM city or Ho Chi Minh city) as soon as I landed from Bangkok.
Surfing a lot of websites but I didn’t find any good house. It seemed hopeless. Fortunately, the kind man named Tom Kenedy Kennedy who sat next to me realized that I was finding a house for rent, so he recommended the site www.snap.com.vn to me. What a wonderful website! It was what I desired to look for.
The first impression of this site was its colorful design. We can be fascinating to see the term “snap.com.vn” in five bright colors: yellow, pink, green, blue and black. These five main colors is also in the main modules.
What also amazed me was its clear design. There are seven modules.
On the front of the site, there was the module “my snap” which helps us login or sign up an account.

On the left, there was the “main menu” consisting of home, property rentals, snap outlet, snap local, the snap café, snap maps, my snap and contact us. The module “Snap property” was below the “main menu” which assists us know more the site:
In the center of the site, there were “welcome” and “sample listings” consisting of a lot of wonderful houses, villas and apartments for rent for us to contemplate and choose.
On the right, there are “property rentals search” which helps us to find a house for rent in Ho Chi Minh city (also called HCM city or HCMC) easily. We can find any properties, price, number of bedrooms from anywhere in HCMC. Besides, it is possible for you to recommend your house for rent in the module “got the house for rent”.
Thanks for all of these great things, I was completely enchanted by this web page. So, I began to sign up an account, then searched for a house for rent in district 2, HCMC which has two bedrooms and was priced from $500 to $1500. The result “2 bedrooms house for rent in Saigon, Thao Dien $600/month asking price” was very suitable for me.
After having lunch, I made a phone call for property rental inquirer to rent for that house. They were very friendly, welcome and helpful. I soon completed the procedure for renting house and had it – my dream house.
It is my house right up until. I am very satisfied about it. Anyone who has ever visited my house also love it, too.
So, if you are looking for a house for rent in HCMC, don’t hesitate to click on www.snap.com.vn. Terrific houses are wating for you there. Let’s make the dream come true!