Some tips so you can find the right house for rent in Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is a great place where you can enjoy the blend between the Asian’s ancient construction with dynamic modern buildings.  There are many nice places to go in Hanoi and there is a wide range of choices for a house for rent in Hanoi.

There is a very nice house rental Hanoi agency right in the center of town and I asked them for advice.

The Old Quarter has the original street layout and architecture of old Hanoi. This area is famous for its small artisans and merchants, including many silk shops. Each street’s name reflects its specialized trade products, such as silk traders, jewellery, etc.  When traveling in this area, tourists usually find themselves confused with the tangled street and mass amount of daily traffic. However, I find it really fun to go and discover small alleys going through the area. It feels like being in an adventure and if you are the adventurous kind, this is the right place to find a house for rent in Hanoi.

There is Hoan Kiem Lake located near the Old Quarter. It is also known as Sword Lake, and is linked to the legend of the magic sword. The area around the lake is a park. There are many unique street food vendors in that area that you may want to try. If you would like to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful scenery of Hoan Kiem lake, this is the right place to choose your house for rent in Hanoi

My trip to Hanoi ends after 3 days. Although it was a short trip but I really enjoyed it. There are so many nice places in Hanoi that I haven’t had the chance to go and see them all. I am sure that I would have a hard time choosing the perfect place to pick my house for rent in Hanoi because there are so many beautiful options available. I will definitely come back to rent a house in Hanoi.