My Presentation Of The Saigon Post Office

My presentation of the Saigon Central Post Office done for my Year 4 class at Australian International School of Vietnam (AIS)

By Elisa

Slide 2: Who built the space and when ?

The central post office was built by Gustave Eiffel when Vietnam was part of French Indochina, in the early 20th century, from 1886 to 1891.

He was specialized in metal construction, as we can see when looking at the building.

Slide 3: Pictures of Gustave Eiffel and some details of the iron works in the Saigon Post Office which were created by him

Slide 4: Why it was created ?

The Saigon Post Office was created for developing the communication between Vietnam and other countries and offer a new service to the population.

Slide 5: What is the space used for ?

  • The Saigon Post Office was used for sending telegrams and for communicated with France and all the “Cochinchine” countries.
  • The post office is still completely functional. Today, we can send and receive mail, buy stamps and postcard or use the phone bank to make international calls.

Slide 6: How does it express the identities and beliefs of the people who created it and also use it ?

French Colonialist considered that a Post Office was essential for developing the country.

We can see on the outside of the building, the names of famous people at the time of its construction.

There are maps written in French on the wall and the address is number 2, Paris street.

Slide 7: Interesting facts about the Saigon Post Office

  • The same architect has built the Saigon Post Office and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • It’s one of the better preserved examples of the colonial period’s architecture.
  • The large clock over the main entrance, which has been with the building since its construction, still works.
  • The two large eighteenth century maps are written in French.
  • At the table for “Information and writing Assistance”, we can have the opportunity to meet the last Saigon letter writer.

Slide 8: More pictures illustrating some big maps you will find on the walls of the Saigon Post Office (notice the French writing)

Slide 9: Observations of people using the post office (photos)

Slide 10: People observation

I saw lots of tourists of all nationalities making photos and visiting the place and buying souvenirs. I also saw local people writing letters, sending mails or using the telephone cabins.

Slide 11: Interview with French Tourist

I met a French tourist and i asked him why he came to visit the Central Post Office. He told me that he heard a lot about the Saigon Post Office because for the French it is one of the famous building. I asked him his feeling about visiting the Saigon Post Office. He told me he had the feeling he was in a European train station because of the colour of the wall and the windows, because the roof was very high and curved and because of the very big clock at the entrance.

Thanks for listening !!!

I hope you enjoyed learning from my presentation 🙂