Johnny Hallyday concert at Equatorial Hotel in Saigon (HCMC, Vietnam) on 15 December 2013

Johnny Hallyday is definitely a French icon and an emblematic figure of its music. Though his fans are mostly French speaking and hail from France, Belgium, Switzerland or Quebec (French speaking Canada), we can expect a full house in Saigon at the Equatorial Hotel this 15th of December 2013. I can already hear the buzz on social media where husbands are getting ready to delight their dear ones with a night out dancing to the tunes of Johnny Hallyday, live in HCMC!

His real name is Jean-Philippe Smet and he was born on 15 June 1943, Cité Malesherbes, Paris, France, but he is of course known by his stage name, “Johnny” or “Johnny Hallyday”. I’m not personally a fan of his but I do acknowledge the immense following he has and especially the durable footprint he will leave forever in French music. His personal life has been avidly followed by his fans (mostly females) and his marriage to Sylvie Vartan made them the “golden couple” whose every moment was followed and photographed for around 20 years. Overall Johnny Hallyday has completed more than 181 tours, received 18 platinum albums, and has sold more than 110 million records, a respectable track record, whether you are a fan or not.

Johnny Hallyday Saigon HCMC Vietnam

Johnny Hallyday, live concert in Saigon HCMC Vietnam

So, up to you but hurry up, these seats must be running out as we speak 🙂

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