Italian cuisine with a Japanese twist based in Saigon, Vietnam – Pizza 4P’s

Globalization has been bringing the world to become smaller as well as blending cultures together, particularly when speaking of cuisine. Pizza could be one of the Italian greatest and most popular foods ever. We are accustomed to the fact that pizza is an Italian dish; therefore, the best quality that this oh-so famous dish should be made by an Italian chef with traditional flavors. Right, it has been so far so good with that thought. If you are tired of the pizzas from Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn or Domino, to name a few, and you are looking for an exquisite and unique taste. It is not that difficult to find, now you have Pizza 4P’s.

A story of the beginning

Mr. Yosuke Masuko, owner of Pizza 4P’s restaurant, was a former financial strategist from Tokyo. In 2008, he moved to Vietnam to work for a financial venture in Hanoi. Soon he began finding ways to strike out as an entrepreneur and developed a love for this dish. He and his Japanese employee has been self-taught cheese making by watching videos on Youtube with the purpose for his pizzeria, then he started his cheese-making business right here in Vietnam. He later traveled to the motherland of pizza in Italy and other European cities where he learned how to make pizza. Having inspired a passion for traditional wood-fired beauties in his native Tokyo, Mr. Yosuke Masuko has shaken up Saigon pizza scene with his marvelous venture. Pizza 4P’s was born. The restaurant’s full name — Platform of Personal Pizza for Peace, which reflects such a continuing effort to listen to customers and constantly improve their pizza experience.

Japanese pizzeria in Saigon 

At the end of long alley of Lê Thánh Tôn, Pizza 4P’s locates in a modest and tranquil area. It may be a little tricky for you to find this restaurant if you do not know well the street around here; however, just follow the instruction signs featuring Pizza 4P’s. The first thing that makes you notice when you walk through the doors is the fantastic wood-fired pizza oven that sits in the centre of the restaurant. Since the oven is the centerpiece of the restaurant, you can watch the pizzas while being made; the oven has a connected table where you can sit and eat. A view of wall of stones which created the atmosphere of ancient Rome. Not only does the chic and contemporary space give you a pleasing first impression but it is also the quality of the pizzas that linger longest in the memory. The centerpiece of this immensely popular Japanese-owned restaurant is not a sushi bar but a brick oven, and the pizzas it produces are truly worthy of Italy.

The best quality at competitive prices

Customers like Pizza 4P’s because the taste is delicious and the price is reasonable. The average cost per pie is about 200,000VND, it serves the quality products at competitive prices. The crispy and chewy bases are of perfect texture while the toppings that choose from classic Italian cuisine such as Margarita and an impeccable Quattro Fromagio (four-cheeses) or Japanese fusion creations like teriyaki. Their pizzas are all bolstered by the use of creamy homemade mozzarella. They also offer a very creative menu. You can have Japanese-influenced toppings such as seaweed, fish sashimi, chicken teriyaki or Vietnamese vegetable flowers and some other local ingredients like pork, shrimp and beef. If you have troubles in deciding which one to choose, they also offer half-and-half pizzas and charge you half of each instead of the more expensive price. At Pizza 4P’s you can enjoy something Italian, something Japanese in every single pie which are smothered in creamy and buttery homemade cheese with fresh milky flavors.

Best-sellers of Pizza 4P'S restaurant

Best-sellers of Pizza 4P’S restaurant Cheese and Margherita Pizza

The restaurant encourages customers to come up with new pizza creations for new pizza menu. Suggestions will be voted on and chosen at regular monthly parties and the winner will receive 4% of the restaurant monthly sales on his/her pizza. The reputation of Pizza 4P’s has been growing fast while its space is limited. Therefore, making reservation is highly recommended for dinner.

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