A new gateway to movies in Vietnam : Dimovie.vn, all you need to know about cinemas in Saigon (HCMC)


If I tell you “cinema in Vietnam”, one of the first things that might pop in your mind is “yeah, sure I can get any movie currently on screen at the corner of the street for less than 20’000 VND”… That might be right, but did you also know there are more than 15 major cinemas in Saigon alone? Did you also know that about a third of them just opened in the past few months?

The point is, cinema is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam these days and the offer is developing quite fast. You can actually watch most of the top worldwide box office movies in 3D or any of the latest tech. In addition to those big budget films, the choice in terms of “different” cinema is becoming larger and larger. Megastar Picks, but also Idecaf, Goethe Institute, and  several film festivals in Vietnam (French, German, Hong-Kong, Korean…) all contribute to build this alternative offer. There’s even some emerging clubs of cinema lovers who use to show their favorites movies and share it with others on a regular basis in some places of Ho Chi Minh City such as the Decibel café (DeciBel 79/2/5 Phan Kê Bính,P.Đa Kao , Q 1,HCMC) and others.

Now you know. But how to find the suitable showtime? Where and when is it showing? What is the main language? Are there subtitles? Etc. That’s all these questions dimovie.vn is trying to answer in a quite simple manner. The website is still in beta (only in HCMC for now) but already working on desktop, tablet and mobile. Have you tried it yet? Feel free to share your feedback here by posting comments 😉

Movies and cinemas in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam

Movies and cinemas in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam

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