Enjoy your night at roadside eatery

Last week, I and some friends went to a roadside eatery on Dien Bien Phu street, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh city to celebrate birthday party.We not only enjoyed delicious food but we had wonderful time.

SAM_0561This is a special kind of meat- goat meat. Fresh goat meat will be flavored with garlic, fish-sauce,salt and some special additives of the eatery. This dish will be served with okra and special kind of sauces called “Chao”. You are hungry? Be calm this is raw goat meat, we cannot eat now.

SAM_0562Now we will go to a very important stage: roasting the raw goat meat! After this stage we can have a delicious dish

SAM_0560We use chopstick to put raw goat meat under a stainless grill
Remember to turn the piece of raw goat meat to other sides. After roasting the raw goat meat from 3-5 minutes, we can eat.

The combination of fresh goat meat and special sauces “Chao” which is made from fermented tofu will be an unforgettable dish.
If you visit this eatery, do not forget to order another dish which is also very wonderful.
SAM_0564This special dish is called “Lau” or hotpot. In this hotpot, we can find many kinds of ingredients:taro, goat bones, white tofu, vegetarian tofu,.. After ordering the waitress will bring you a pot with all ingredients. Our task is waiting for eating. The hotpot is cooked by a special  pot which is made of clay so it takes time to boil the hotpot. We can talk or discuss any problem before the hotpot boils.SAM_0567When the water boils, we put vegetable and noodle into the pot and we can enjoy it.

These are my friends, we had wonderful time at this eatery. Hopefully, you will have wonderful meals when you get there.



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