Bob Sinclar is coming to Vietnam, a Blanchy’s Tash exclusive

Update 11/05/13
A nice shot of Bob Sinclar with the man who made it happen in Saigon, Andrés.

Andres Arias and Bob Sinclar

Picture taken by Alexandre Garel, I’ve seen some incredible pictures taken by him and he definitely takes the level of photography in Saigon a notch higher since he arrived.

Head over to Facebook to see some comments by people who were there and what they thought about the show.

The Blanch’y Tash is setting new limits and paving the way for an exceptional event for all those club and dance fans out there…..Bob Sinclar is coming to town.

Bob Sinclar in Saigon, Vietnam

Bob Sinclar in Saigon, Vietnam at Blanchy’s Tash on the 9th of May

At first it seemed to good to be true but true it is (see Bob Sinclar’s website), get your entry before they run out.

Blanchy’s Tash, 95 Hai Ba Trung, District 1, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam

Telephone: 0909028293

Blanch'y Tash, the place to go with friends or to meet new friends :-)

Blanch’y Tash, the place to go with friends or to meet new friends 🙂

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