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Vietnam is a great place with many friendly people, one good way of getting to know them is by traveling on the city buses. I rarely do this inside the city though but when I go to see one of our suppliers in Long An, that’s a 90 minute bus ride and plenty of occasions to chat with Vietnamese people.

I guess for some these are just photos of buses but for me every detail and every second is an adventure (that’s why we’re here right?-)


Bus to Long An

This day I had the great idea of not waiting for my usual bus, n° 603 and getting on the 150 to Suoi Tien theme park and waiting for 603 over there.

Suoi Thiem bus station

Suoi Thiem bus station

I ended up paying two bus tickets instead of one and there was no shade at this bus stop.

The heat here could grind you into the ground!

Peanut vendor

Peanut vendor on bus

At this particularly busy bus stop, the street vendors jump in and will try to sell you a wide array of stuff. Its funny to see locals surprised at seeing a foreigner inside the bus.

Motorbixe taxi drivers in Long Anh

Motorbixe taxi drivers in Long An

A couple of “Xe Om”, motorbike taxi drivers passing time while waiting for a customer, some of you may recognize the beverage…


Water hyacinth armchair

Today was quality control day and here are some items ready to be exported.

Poly rattan sofa set

Poly rattan sofa set

This sofa set in poly ratan is going to Belgium to our friend Boris’s house.

Furniture_factory_Long_Anh_Vietnam_9This sofa set in water hyacinth has been ordered by Paola.

Water hyacinth weaving Vietnam

Water hyacinth weaving

Now this is what I call weaving! It’s delicate, complex and stunning at the same time. Natural fibers from water hyacinth create a warm and down to earth vibration. I hope Delphine will have sweet dreams in her water hyacinth bed. The water hyacinth bed is marketed in France under the name “lit rotin“, not exactly rotin (rattan) but in the same family of  natural and vegetal fibers.

The Milo water hyacinth bed

The Milo water hyacinth bed

The way back was particularly long due to a traffic jam on the highway. Still, I had a laugh with some young students that left school, the “ao dai” really makes the girls look exotic and beautiful.

Furniture_factory_Long_Anh_Vietnam_15By the way, the ticket collectors in the bus were two scruffy little dudes that on first thought weren’t inspiring much confidence but I was wrong, they were very friendly and when I left the bus we were all smiling and waving. The same happened with an old lady in a truck that I was face to face with during the traffic jam, what a great smile.

This might sound a bit innocent for some but that’s the Vietnam I like, of course, we all know the dark side is the bag or phone snatching which has become a real epidemic but keep faith and open your eyes and ears, there are plenty of wonderful people around that make you so happy to be a guest in their country!

PS: If you live in Vietnam and are looking for a place to buy high-end furniture in Saigon, Hanoi or any other city in Vietnam, please check out this link.






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6 thoughts on “Visit to a furniture factory in Long An, Vietnam

  • Viet Hoang

    I really enjoy reading your web blog. Reading through your blog, I saw the Wendelbo sofas. Can you advise where can I buy it in Vietnam?



    • Admin Post author

      Hello Viet, we’re very happy you enjoy our blog!
      Regarding the Wendelbo sofas, they are exported to luxury shops and locations around the world. However, we can help you acquire them locally, will send you a private email to discuss this further.

  • Luis fernandez

    Hello, my name is Luis ,im 23 and im from Spain.
    Congratulations for your post,is really nice. Next october im going to Vietnam, my intention is buy a lot of furniture ,and set up a shop in my city to sell it. Now i don´t know any factory or suppliers, i really that place in long an , i would appreciate if you told me how to get to this place. Regards