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Here are some pics of our visit to a furniture factory in Vietnam this weekend. This is a high end Danish furniture manufacturer, specialized in sofas that has relocated part of its production to Vietnam.

These high end designer sofas (called canapé design in French) are available in leather (canapé cuir in French) and fabric (canapé tissu in French).

There was an outlet sale going on and we invited some friends who were looking to buy a new sofa for their apartment. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a high end sofa at factory export prices….doesn’t happen every day!

We had a guided tour of the factory by no less than the owner, great detail and you can really see why these are really high end sofas and cannot be compared to most of what you might find in shops, in Vietnam or in Europe, including in IKEA!


Real duck and goose feathers are used for providing maximum comfort!

These are the famous Wendelbo sofas, Danish design and high end components.



For those that have seen a sofa stripped bare before, you know you usually see some embarassing pieces of “garbage” in the structure, in the case of the Wendelbo sofas, it is luxury from inside to outside, the structures are made by a Swedish firm so the sofas really are 100% Scandinavian (and no, I’m not talking about Ikea quality sofas..)



Précision and attention when making these sofas



This worker was really friendly, it always a pleasure to see someone enjoying his work and smiling while he does it!



You can find these luxury sofas at the Imagine Outlet site, just search there for canapé contemporain et haut de gamme (that means contemporary high end sofas in French).

update July 2013:

Great news! You can now purchase these Danish sofas and other luxury furniture items online in Vietnam: buy furniture Vietnam

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  • Furniture factory Post author

    It seems many of our readers liked our presentation of these high-end Danish designer sofas and many are asking whether they can purchase them in Vietnam 🙂

    It often is frustrating to know that there are high quality furniture items being made in Vietnam but we cannot get our hands on them because they are reserved for export markets and we are left with a shallow pool of supposedly luxury sofas to choose from. I imagine many among you have had this impression. More and more furniture shops are popping up everywhere in Saigon but I have yet to see the superior quality of the sofas showcased in this post.

    These luxury sofas are shipped across the world to exclusive and upmarket locations.

    So far it was impossible to purchase them here in Vietnam but this is now possible, just visit this website:

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