Luxury barbecues in Vietnam? Maybe some time soon in Saigon (HCMC)…

Design and luxury components, what else for a posh barbecue in Saigon (Vietnam)?

Update 02/08/2013: These designer barbecues are now available in Vietnam 🙂

I was wondering if there were any real luxury barbecues in Vietnam…

By luxury barbecue I mean that the barbecue must have all the following characteristics in order to be considered a truly high end and luxury product:

* designer barbecue: modern and contemporary design

* high end components: stainless steel

* produced by a luxury product manufacturer

* comes with at least a three year guarantee

Luxury in a modern design, I just love these barbecues. Made in Catalonia (Cataluña), Spain

Luxury with a modern design, I just love these barbecues. Made in Catalonia (Cataluña), Spain

I came across this website that sells luxury designer barbecues in Europe and I was blown away…I wonder when we will be able to enjoy a Sunday barbecue with one of these. They even have outdoor kitchens fit for a five star resort.

So, the next time I can afford to bring one of these over to my garden in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), I definitely will hop over to this luxury barbecue and outdoor kitchen retailer and order one of these.

Luxury and high end outdoor kitchen with barbecue and stainless steel sink, price tag not for the faint of heart :-)

I would love to post here some photos from you barbecue aficionados out there, just send them over 🙂


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