Furniture in Vietnam

A different view of the furniture industry in Vietnam. Many great factories and skilled craftsmen but it can take you years to find the right fit with your business model. You can now purchase high-end furniture online, directly from your home in Vietnam. Follow this link to discover this exclusive selection of furniture in Vietnam.

VIFA Fair 2015 (11-14 March 2015), Vietnam’s International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

First, let us give you some useful information about the VIFA furniture fair in Vietnam. The official name for Vietnam’s number one Furniture Fair : Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair 2015 Abbreviated name: VIFA-EXPO 2015 Dates for this furniture event in Vietnam: 11 – 14 March, 2015 Trade […]

VIFA (11-14 March 2015),Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair,Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam


Delivering furniture ordered online can be an unpredictable experience in Vietnam 1

Delivering furniture in Saigon (HCMC, Vietnam) that clients have ordered online is always full of surprises. The most interesting aspect is that even though the challenges that may arise cannot be solved in a European or Western style, you can find “alternative” solutions on the go that add to the […]

Luxury barbecues in Vietnam? Maybe some time soon in Saigon (HCMC)…

Update 02/08/2013: These designer barbecues are now available in Vietnam 🙂 I was wondering if there were any real luxury barbecues in Vietnam… By luxury barbecue I mean that the barbecue must have all the following characteristics in order to be considered a truly high end and luxury product: * […]

Visit to a furniture factory in Saigon, Vietnam

Here are some pics of our visit to a furniture factory in Vietnam this weekend. This is a high end Danish furniture manufacturer, specialized in sofas that has relocated part of its production to Vietnam. These high end designer sofas (called canapé design in French) are available in leather (canapé […]