Traffic violations and fees for motorcycle drivers in Saigon (HCMC) and across Vietnam 11

Driving in Vietnam is a big part of everyday life for most of us living here. For some it is pure joy and for others, a means of getting to and from work, whatever the reason, we are on our bikes very often. Learning to drive in Vietnam is essential as the traffic is very different from the West. Get a valid driver’s license before you head out into the traffic and be sure that you are insured. Remember that insurance companies may not cover your medical costs if you do not have a valid driver’s license so that is another good reason to get one asap.

I’ve been wondering for a long time what are the fees (penalties, ticket, etc.) for traffic violations in Vietnam. These fees are officially published but as there is no available translation, most foreigners do not know what they amount to. Thanks to a Facebook thread and one of the members posting this document(Vietnamese version), I decided to translate it, hoping it will be as useful and informative as it is to me.

Drive safely and enjoy your time in Vietnam!

Vietnamese version (scroll down for translation):

Traffic violations fees in Vietnam

Credit to Hang L. facebook user for posting this photo.

Here goes our attempt at translating N° 171/2013/ND-CP as best as possible. Any comments or pointers you can contribute are welcome.


Traffic violation penalties Vietnam.xls

How much you should get fined if you do not respect the traffic regulations.

These fines are applicable across Vietnam, if you are in Hanoi or Saigon (HCMC), they are the same.


Click on this link for information about fines for traffic violations by cars in Vietnam

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11 thoughts on “Traffic violations and fees for motorcycle drivers in Saigon (HCMC) and across Vietnam

  • Francis

    Thanks a lot for Dario your information, it is really interesting as we usually don’t know how much to pay and that’s why policemen can adapt they own pricing system.

    • Giang Bui

      Hello Jesse, the best option if you already have a license from your home country, is to have it translated by an official translator and then get a local one based on that one. If you are working then your company secretary can get it done to avoid having to go yourself to the authorities. There are some agencies that are private and will handle this for you for a fee.

      • Jesse

        Thank you for the help! I’m not sure if you would know this, but my license has expired back in my home country, so do you think that would matter here? Also, do you recommend any agencies, or should I ask around?

        • Admin

          Hello Jesse, you are most welcome. If your licence has expired, you will have an issue if you want to get a Vietnamese one based on your current license…that is almost guaranteed and it does make sense after all, wherever you might be. For sure, you need a Vietnamese license if you want to avoid concerns when stopped by the traffic police and most important, your expat medical insurance won’t cover you if they find out that you were driving without a valid license. They will ask for a police report of the accident though I do know cases where saying that the police report was never made and that the person was travelling on a xe om (moto taxi) was enough to get the medical expenses covered by the insurance. Depends on how far your insurance wants to push the issue but knowing they will do anything to avoid paying out, I would recommend avoiding this situation, medical expenses can run very very high over here.
          Go to the facebook group Expats in HCMC (or Saigon) and ask if anyone can recommend an agency that did this service for them correctly in the past.
          All the best!