Delivering furniture ordered online can be an unpredictable experience in Vietnam 1

Delivering furniture in Saigon (HCMC, Vietnam) that clients have ordered online is always full of surprises.

The most interesting aspect is that even though the challenges that may arise cannot be solved in a European or Western style, you can find “alternative” solutions on the go that add to the spice of the whole delivery process and can get the job done too.

For example, if the elevator you are intending to use for delivery to a 15th floor apartment is too small for the two sofas you have to deliver, you would normally call up a service providing a portable outdoor elevator (or mechanical stairs). However, reaching the 15th floor would still be a challenge despite having this kind of equipment. In Saigon, when we were faced with this problem in D1, our transporter quickly mustered a team of four people to carry the two sofas up 15 flights of stairs… This would have been much more difficult to organize in the West.

Our most recent delivery problem-solving led us to use a much more typically Vietnamese approach. We were faced with height limitations when we were just 1,5 km from our client’s address in D2.


Ouch! Do we go around, over or under?



None of the above…time to consider an alternative plan

Our truck was too high to pass under these barriers and this box was too big for a taxi…..believe me tried that option too. While we were scratching our heads about what to do (the truck driver was not available for taking the long roundabout route that would be necessary), out of the blue appeared a man with his cyclo (see below). Excellent, he was game for the delivery and we quickly hooked up our client’s mosaic table to the cyclo.


The man of the match, problem solved in a jiffy!

We made it to the apartment building in a few minutes thanks to this kind and honest man on his cyclo, I will always be appreciative of their skills (that box was WIDE and heavy) and their eagerness to take on a job to put food on the table at home…I can’t say as much about the truck driver.

So, we got to the building (no comments about the building security that made us circle an extra 750m around the five tower building, for no purpose at all) and then we huffed and we puffed until we got this 60kg, 150cm wide box up the last flight of the stairs between the two of us (Penthouse apartment, no elevator to the roof of the building).

The client was great too, cold water bottles for all of us, we were drenched in sweat by that time, a great chat about furniture and differences of style and tastes across the world, it doesn’t get better than this!

This is what makes furniture home deliveries in Vietnam an overall unpredictable experience, but makes this adventure all the more exciting and provides for good memories.

Here are some photos of the table in place at the client’s terrace.


Cream coloured mosaics and a stunning view

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