Birthday party in Saigon, rock and roll!

Here are a few pics of a Birthday party we went to last weekend. A great occasion to meet again or be introduced to the old timers of Saigon, those that walk the walk and work hard every day to succeed in Vietnam. We all share the same passion for the country we live in, and we all fell in love with the people here, for some it was 5 years ago, for others 15!



Here are our friends cutting the birthday cake, happy birthday amigo! Thanks for the great party and many more to you grandad!

Saigon_birthday_party_2A beauty lurking in the dark…

Saigon_birthday_party_3God save the queen 🙂

Saigon_birthday_party_4It was a fancy dress and one of our friends was dressed up as Bob Marley, with all the props included. Be assured, fake joint!

Saigon_birthday_party_5And the night got wild, we left when everyone was either jumping or being thrown into the pool 🙂

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