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Discovering Tibet at Vajra restaurant – One of the most delicious vegetarian restaurants in Saigon

If you have read my previous post about “…hum” vegetarian restaurant, you will definitely remember its meaningful name. Similarly, this restaurant has a quite strange name -“Vajra”. So, what does it mean? Now, let’s continue to discover the mystery. Vajra – A powerful item in Buddhism In Buddhist literature, “Vajra”  […]

Buddha painting

Buddhist statues

“…hum” vegetarian restaurant – A perfect tranquil paradise in a vibrant city of Vietnam

As day comes One sees Air through air A drop of water Falls Lightly through light Time takes a gentle breath This is a peaceful poem of a famous restaurant in Saigon which is “…hum” restaurant. “…hum” is one of the most famous vegetarian restaurant in HCMC which attracts a […]