My visit to Fairy Stream in Mui Ne

Let me tell you about my visit to Fairy Stream with my family.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream 1

This is the entrance to Fairy Stream.

First when you come in you see a place were you can have a ride on an ostrich, they run really fast.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream 2

You’re allowed to take photo’s. They make funny sounds 🙂

Mui Ne Fairy Stream 6

Mui Ne Fairy Stream

There this big dune it’s hard to get up to the top it’s very tiring to get up but it can help you to see how fast you can run in the sand.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream 3

This is me racing my little sister.

We saw a black crab it was trying to hide under the sand but the crab didn’t make it.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream Vietnam 8


There are lots of sources coming down from the rocks or from the mountain have a look at my photo.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream Vietnam 6

Here’s another photo of a source

Mui Ne Fairy stream Vietnam 7

There’s one place you can go if you want to try and find where the source is coming from. If you walk up it feels really disgusting but it’s not, it feels like you’re in quick sand.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream Vietnam 7

I like fairy stream it has lots of natural environments and it’s not human made. Look at the natural landscape.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream Vietnam 2

Here’s another one.


Mui Ne Fairy Stream Vietnam 1

There’s even rocks and you can take pictures of yourself like if you were going to be in a magazine. LOOK



Mui Ne Fairy Stream 6

I almost forgot here are some of the picture’s I took from the top of the dune.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream Vietnam 4

The last One !


Mui Ne Fairy Stream 4

We had a great time and i would recommend this place be visited for anybody that’s in Mui Ne, Mui Ne is a great place to visit.







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